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Andras Bodo


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Professional interior and exterior architectural photography of large and small spaces

Morning, day and evening exteriors in optimal lighting conditions

DeLuxe commercial and residential real estate photography

Aerial Photography

Lifestyle and corporate identity photography

Time-lapse photography

Video property tours

Hi-end Photoshop retouching 

Art direction, soft staging and talent direction

Web design



Editorial: home & trade publications

Advertising campaigns

Architectural firms

Commercial and residential real estate

Property management

Interior design

Hospitality: restaurant, hotel, medical

Construction and engineering

Industrial and manufacturing


Space and energy



For interiors, I use a variety of studio lights along with the existing natural light to produce

elegant lighting conditions contemporary to most magazine and advertising campaigns.

For exteriors, I manually combine numerous layers of exposures in optimal lighting conditions

resulting and richly, dynamic photographs

For retouching, I employ 20 plus years of Photoshop experience creating seamless composites

with dramatic yet natural results. I do not outsource any component of the image creation

processes, so all aspects of the final results, are completed in house.