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Andras Bodo


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  • Andras Bodo designed and created art in multi media environment throughout his thirty years career in visual communications.  Born in Transylvania Bodo started his artistic career as a photographer of the National Archeology Institute and Museum of Transylvania in Cluj/Kolozsvar/Klausenburg. His photographs have been published at the time in numerous European Archeology and  museographical publications  like the British Royal Museum, The Royal Museum of Holland and Belgium, the Gulbenkian Foundation.

  • In this period Bodo has participated in several photographic competitions and won National 1st prize in his native country and international  photography  awards in France and Spain.

  • Bodo, in 1977 was invited  to  a photography assigment in United States, and has been denied travel visa by the Romanian authorities, eventually Bodo moved indefinitely to Los Angeles  in 1981.  Since then Bodo continued his career in visual communications and was fortunate to have prestigious clients like Credit Suisse-Los Angeles, The Olympic Committee-Los Angeles, Payden&Rygel-Los Angeles, DMJM Architects-Los Angeles,  Design Center Antiques-Pasadena, City of Hope-Los Angeles, Westin Hotels, and many others.

  • Bodo had distinguished clients from the art community, movie celebrities and Statesmen: International award winning graphic designer Mitsuo Katsui, and sculptor Jimi Suzuki from Japan commissioned  Bodo with a project of  creating posters representing  the two artists in compositions whereas the graphic designers work was fused together with the Sculptor's. This project was a joined effort of  five world renowned artists for the celebration of the Third Millennium, a group exhibition held at Michael Himovitz Gallery in Sacramento at New Year’s Eve of 1999 – 2000.

  • Bodo has worked on a visual marketing project of Senator Packwood’s Estate ,  photographed designed and printed  a book and a presentation package of a present donated by a group of celebrities to His Royal Highness Emperor Hirohito and Her Royal Highness Empress Hirohito of Japan for their wedding. For confidentiality reason , work sample is not available .

  • Bodo's art  and photography have been exhibited in  galleries in North America and Europe, and  some of his works are currently in private collections throughout the world.